Hello, everyone. I'm thrilled to introduce myself. My name is Olha, and I'm from Ukraine💙💛

In her time, my grandmother did a considerable amount of hand embroidery, creating large embroidered rugs, towels, and paintings. She infused her work with immense love and dedication. Manual embroidery is quite a complex art form and is highly valued. Embroidery is a symbol of Ukrainian identity, rich in symbolism and tradition. Now, I understand where my deep love for embroidery comes from.

However, the modern world is constantly evolving. We can bring our ideas to life in no time thanks to embroidery machines. It's truly a marvelous invention that adds a touch of magic to your creativity.

So, at the moment when I first became acquainted with an embroidery machine, I understood that I was on the right path. I gained substantial practical experience working with industrial embroidery machines. Currently, I enthusiastically create my own designs for embroidery machines, making them accessible for all machine embroidery enthusiasts for various projects.

I've named my project 'Barvna,' which is a Ukrainian word meaning colorful, vibrant, or flowery. These are the associations that come to mind when I work with a spectrum of colors to create my embroidery.

I look forward to welcoming each of you who visits the shop with my designs. They are crafted with extensive experience and love.