Why you need to stabilize the fabric.

Why you need to stabilize the fabric.
Hello everyone !=) I believe you've all noticed this cute green gnome, right? However, the gnome in blue didn't turn out quite well. What happened? Let me explain.
With this post, I want to emphasize how crucial it is to stabilize the fabric correctly to ensure a delightful result. Indeed, much depends on the design itself, but even a perfect design can be ruined by improper fabric stabilization.
So, I created the design for this gnome and decided to test it on thin jersey fabric from a T-shirt, using different types of stabilizers. The design includes a contour stitch, adding complexity, but if you don't embroider it all at once and break it into several parts, you can minimize stitch gaps.
Now, let's look at the results:
1. Blue Gnome Test: The fabric was entirely without stabilization. As we can see, everything turned out poorly. The embroidery process was also challenging as the fabric constantly puckered. The result is disappointing. My recommendation: don't do this =)
2. Purple Gnome Test: In this case, I chose a cut-away stabilizer. I didn't fix the fabric additionally. The result was much better, but there are some stitch misalignments. My recommendation is to use additional glue or spray stabilizer. This helps the fabric to be more static. Alternatively, you can use cut-away stabilizer with a glue layer on one side, which also effectively secures the fabric.
3. Green Gnome Test: I was entirely satisfied with this type of stabilization. I used a lightweight Iron-on non-woven fabric in two layers as a backing, easily attached with an iron. It holds the fabric well and prevents it from shifting during embroidery. Topping used: water-soluble stabilizer. In my opinion, it's worth using not only for fuzzy fabrics but also for knits, as it makes the embroidery smoother.
I'm giving you the design for this gnome for free, and I'll attach it in the post above.
I'm curious how you embroider on jersey fabrics. I'll be glad if you share your experiences with us.
Hope my post was useful to you.=)

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